Studium Private Limited helps direct insurers write and manage profitable portfolios since 2011.

Our expertise is both mathematical knowledge required to deal with attritional risk, and IT skills that is needed to get to / process the data available.

Our typical client experiences a 10-15 gross LR point decrease during the first 18 months of cooperation while growing the top line at the same time.

Studium’s strategic products are:

  • a quote engine that brings product-to-market time to days from months that is typical in the insurance industry. It also supports intermediary and client accounts self-management.
  • a pricing and risk selection AI that progressively learns both the risk and the competitors positions via market feedbacks and optimizes the portfolio accordingly
  • an underwriting system that adds full backend functionality to the quote engine

All with easy integration to existing systems via APIs.

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Studium is proud sponsor of various open source projects.

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